[ls_content_block id=”385″]Hey all, just pushed out a new version of SIF-less.  It was a quickie.  Updates include:

  1. Forcing HTTPS on XP0 installs. Thanks to Łukasz Skowroński for the blog post.
    1. Also, the AlllowedCorsOrigins for identify server will be working already with HTTPS. (Stack Overflow here.)
  2. The Password Recovery Url should now be HTTPS by default.
  3. The role for a XM0 server should now be ‘StandAlone’, rather than ‘ContentManagement’ (Thanks, Rosen)
    1. This fixes an issue where Device Detection wouldn’t init on a CM-only instance.
  4. When editing a Sitecore profile, SIF-less won’t default to XM0 anymore.  (Thanks, Yogesh)
  5. SIF-less will only try to uninstall SIF (to ensure the right version) if it’s loaded, preventing the “module not found” error
  6. I changed “SkipPreReqCheck” to “ForcePreReqCheck” so by default, you don’t try to keep installing stuff over and over….and over…
  7. Removed the Scripts folder, since it’s only used for uninstalls, and we’re pure PowerShell here.

You can grab the latest over on github: https://github.com/RAhnemann/sif-less

Always have the download here as well: https://rockpapersitecore.com/wp-content/uploads/sifless.zi