A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… ok no

When I first conceived of SIF-less, the thought was to make Sitecore 9 installs easier. Because…they were hard. Unnecessarily hard. And..it did that for me. And I thought it was cute to give it a silly name. And then someone else wanted to use it. And then more people wanted to use it. And the name didn’t change.

And then someone googled it. And it showed up as an STD, because Google got the joke.

And now it doesn’t show the up as the STD (but Google still gets the joke). Part of me doesn’t want to change the name, but part of me wants people to feel like they can run this on their local machine at their suit-and-tie company and not have to worry about their manager flipping a biscuit. Or having to feel a bit…awkward about asking out loud why this app does what it does.

So it’s probably time for a rebrand. Something a little more helpful in telling people what the hell this app does. Maybe I’m outta line here. Maybe not. At any rate, pick an answer below, and let me know what you think. Also feel free to leave a comment. Or hit me on twitter. Or slack.

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If you vote for McSIFFace, I’m gonna probably roll those votes into the top other answer. Not because I don’t care about your vote, but because it’s been done before.

Talking to my wife as I write this. She says all the names suck and I should rename it to herpes. I don’t think that’s the right direction, but she’s my wife, so it’s on the table.