I was thinking to myself the other night, “Self. What happens if I bork my system after I’ve generated my SIFless-EZ script? What if I reboot and solr doesn’t come back up. What if I accidentally lock out my admin SQL account? What if Coronas don’t magically transport me to a tropical place where I’m transformed into nothing more than a pair of feet and half a lounge chair?”

I got tired of wondering. With this SIF-less release, I’ve brought the validation from the UI into the Script. What’s all this mean? It means when you actually run SIFless-EZ scripts, your system will be validated. It takes less than a second, but should stop some of the pesky re-runs that occur due to some brain farts we all have.

What validation are we talking about? Here’s a list:

  • Is Solr running?
  • Is Solr the right version? (6.6.2 and 6.6.3 for 9.0.x and 7.2.1 for 9.1.x)
  • Is the file path to solr correct?
  • Are there the appropriate configsets present in solr?
  • Is the license file present? (Not your MVP licenseā€¦)
  • Is SQL running?
  • Is SQL the right version (2016 SP1 for 9.0.x and 2016 SP2 or 2017 for 9.1.x)
  • Can the user log in?
  • Can the user actually create DBs?

On top of that, there’s some new switches to pass into the script:

  • -ValidateOnly – Performs Validation of the environment, no install happens
  • -SkipValidation – Does exactly what you expect it to…
  • -IgnoreSQL2016SP2 – You probably have SQL 2016 SP2 running on your local. 9.0.x “officially” supports SP1 only. This ignores that check because nobody is going to run SP1 and SP2 side by side. Silly. (This is for 9.0.x installs only)
  • -ForcePreReqCheck – Makes you do the prereq checks (9.1.x installs only)
  • -Uninstall – I dunno that I need to explain this… ok, I give up. It uninstalls.

That’s not a bad start. Could there be more? Sure. Will there be more? Sure. Baby steps.

Patch notes are out on the github repo: https://github.com/RAhnemann/sif-less

You can always download directly here: https://rockpapersitecore.com/wp-content/uploads/sifless.zip