Here at Rock, Paper, Sitecore, I’ve been blogging for about eight years! While this impresses my dogs and myself, others aren’t sold on it yet. The overwhelming feedback I’ve gotten recently is… “what about the Rocks and Paper? They have feelings, too.” I pretty much dismissed this, since much like politicians, Rocks and Paper lack the ability to form a coherent thought.

Putting their aggregate cognitive ability aside, I certainly MUST have blogged at some point over the past eight years about these other players in the game. I may have neglected them somewhat, but not entirely. In order to confirm my lack of bias, I took some time to stay up late and hand-count (like any good election process) all my blog entries and categorize them as either Rock, Paper or Sitecore. Here’s what I found:

Note: Anything related to “Sitecore Rocks” was still counted as Sitecore, given the original name of “Sitecore Rocks” was “Sitecore Whips the Llama’s Ass” which was already taken by WinAmp. Womp, womp!
Any coincidence that Sitecore’s logo is red? I think not!

Needless to say, if you are a geode or a notebook, you’re likely pretty disappointed in the results here. It was never my intent to slight the medium of the flattest communication and the foundation of the flattest planet. For this omission, I’m truly sorry.

But, the contents of this blog are not set in stone (unlike actual stones, which are definitely set in stone). I can change. I can be a better content author (unlike those who don’t unlock their items before going home for the day) and make Rock, Paper, Sitecore a beacon of topic diversity.

Going forward, I’m going to only blog about Rocks. Rocks and how they compare to various aspects of Marketing, Technology, and maybe even Sitecore Blogs.

New and Trending (maybe) Rockin’ blogs on Rock, Paper, Sitecore:

  1. Rocks are Better than a Content Management System
  2. Rocks are Better than a CRM
  3. Rocks are Better than a DAM
  4. Rocks are Better than a Solution Architect
  5. Rocks are Better than an IT Team
  6. Rocks are Better than a Marketing Team
  7. Rocks are Better than a Content Delivery Network
  8. Rocks are Better than Community Slack
  9. Rocks are Better than LinkedIn
  10. Rocks are Better than Sitecore Blogs

As a starter, I’ve written the first ten, linked above. Happy reading, folks. Don’t forget to mash that Like and Subscribe button!