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It’s been a while since an update has come out for SIF-less.

<Insert excuse about real life and work balance here>

<Insert indifferent response to said excuse here>

Now that THAT is out of the way, let’s talk about what’s new:

  • Now supports 9.1  This is a biggie. It had a couple of side effects, notably adding in solr support for 7.2.1.  Thanks Solr for changing all the responses from XML to JSON. That was fun. We didn’t break backwards compatibility, though.  Still works!
  • You can now delete solr configurations.  That was a silly bug.
  • Manifest files are now folder-driven. Meaning you can add your own manifests in place without disturbing the out of the box ones.  This is to allow some flexibility in future releases.
  • A couple minor UI enhancements.  Again, it’s still ugly.

A few notes about 9.1:

  • I had to take out the #Requires Modules version, even though I loved it.  It was throwing up when trying to Install a 9.1 instance after installing a 9.0 instance, which is not great.
  • There’s now a -SkipPreReqCheck switch that bypasses the Prerequisites file.  It’s not technically a required file, so be aware things may balk if you don’t have it and don’t skip it.
  • I’ve forced the admin password to remain b.  Again, SIF-less is for developer machine installs, not production installs (yet). If you require high-level Sitecore admin passwords for your local machine, you probably should just remember to lock your box.  Windows + L, guys.
  • Uninstall still uses the PowerShell-only version for all features/dbs/etc.  I’m going to look at the feasibility of switching this over to SIF in a later version, though.

You can grab the latest over on github: https://github.com/RAhnemann/sif-less

Always have the download here as well: https://rockpapersitecore.com/wp-content/uploads/sifless.zip