Sitecore has been pretty public that 10.4 was coming in April and it seems to have just snuck in there!

There’s a bunch of ways to roll out your local 10.4 environment:

  • Docker
  • SIA
  • Manually (Don’t do this)

I like to think of myself pretty saavy with the Docker, so I opted for the former: Docker. If you’ve read this blog, you’ve probably seen that I had a nice little boilerplate setup for 10.3. It’s evolved a bit and the github project has been updated to support 10.4.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Updated the tags. You’ll see this in the .env_source (which is copied to .env at init time)
  • Standardized the naming of images based on some actual project usage
  • Added in rendering. It’s currently scaled down to 0 until you’re ready to stand it up.
  • Removed CD. We really don’t need this if we’re just working locally, yeah?
  • Updated to the latest Docker Tools
  • Misc Cleanup (aka fixing stuff I broke along the way)

Once you follow the quick instructions in the readme (yeah, it’s updated too!), you should see the following from your license screen:

It wasn’t that bad, which really validates how smooth a local docker environment can be to work with!