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This isn’t an insignificant one.  Here’s the good updates:

  1. Completely revamped the uninstall process. Rather than using SIF for uninstall, we’re going with plain PowerShell.  This might not be the end-game here, but this is a lot cleaner and fault tolerant.  It can also be re-run multiple times to clean up an instance, and it won’t fail.
  2. Added checks in the generated PS1 file for SIF install, SitecoreFundamentals, Admin mode and PowerShell version.
  3. Simplified the Configuration Manifest file.  Moved fields to a configuration, rather than a file.  Files now shouldn’t contain Script Maps, as those really just belong at the Version/Topology Combo level.
  4. On the Main Window, all the Configurations should sort alphabetically.
  5. Name the topologies something more meaningful: XM0, XM1, and XP0. (Note: If you have existing configurations saved, you may need to re-save them.  It shouldn’t drop them from SIF-less..if it does, let me know in the comments)

As per the usual, you can find the download the zip here.

You can snag it on Github here: https://github.com/RAhnemann/sif-less