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This release has a couple new features, as well as some bug fixes.  It’s getting closer.  It also has added a couple new items to my “to-do” list.

Bug Fixes

  • No longer crashes when selecting certain topologies
  • Fixed an error when replacing bookmarks in the EZ ps1 files

New Features

  • Changed Versions and Typologies to be dynamic based on configurations available. This will allow the addition of new versions/configs with a single file change (for now)
  • Addition of Dynamic Field values and defaults.  Much like SIF-less 1, when you change the prefix, it updates the corresponding field values for it.  This is stored in the form of a bookmark in the ConfigurationManfest file in a defaultValue attribute.
  • Added in Sitecore 9.0 Update 2 for the configurations

New on the Wish List

  • Split the stupid ConfigurationManifest into multiple files.  It’s a bugger.
  • Change the Uninstall feature to use native powershell and remove the dependency on SIF-specific modules.  (until there is the ability to do conditional steps at runtime)

Thanks to the community peeps who helped find and crush these bugs. It’s appreciated!

As per the usual, you can find the download the zip here.

You can snag it on Github here: https://github.com/RAhnemann/sif-less