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Docker Quality of Life: JSON over YAML

After the ninth formatting error in my docker-compose.yml file, I decided to google if you could actually use JSON instead. I heart JSON, for reals. Whaaaaaaa Ok, so that’s great news. You can quickly convert your YAML files over to JSON with some online tools. Here’s a good one: Simply paste your YAML file…

Error: “Could not resolve stores core of type source”

I’ve just been getting my feet wet with Publishing Service and specifically how to set it up with docker. With that said, I ran into an error which I hadn’t been able to google up a solution for: 2020-01-15 15:30:23.678 -06:00 [Information] New Job queued : e04be103-8b42-4c3e-802d-51ccb96d2d88 – Targets: “Internet” 2020-01-15 15:30:23.678 -06:00 [Error] Error…

Rolling Out 9.1 Update 1

SIF-less 2.2 – Auto Update and UI Runner

SIF-less 2.1.2 – Validation at Execution

SIF-less – Time for a re-brand?

SIF-less 2.1.1

SIF-less 2 is here. Now with 100% more 9.1 support

SIF-less 2 Beta 3 – Now with Habitat!

SIF-less 2 Beta Update 2