Last week, I had the honor of presenting at the Virtual Sitecore Headless Development User Group, organized by Martin Miles. It was a great chance to throw down some knowledge on all the fun things you can do with SSG and ISR, things I find near and dear to my heart. Like cheeseburgers. And bacon cheeseburgers…

I promised in the presentation that I’d share all the goodness with the world (aka both of the folks that read this blog…hi mom!) Without further ado, here ya go:

Sorry I talk fast. Had 49 slides to go through!

If you want to get the repo for what I was showing, you can grab it here:

Note, this repo has some fun things:

If you wanted the presentation, I’ve popped it over to a Google Slides document:

There you have it. It was a great opportunity and I look to do it again sometime! Feel free to reach out via comment here, hit me on LinkedIn, or drop me a note in Slack.