This is the first real test of the Auto-Update feature of SIF-less. I’ve added in the configs for 9.1 Update 1 and “in theory” it should start showing up when you launch SIF-less. *BIG NOTE* This is only going to work with SIF-less 2.2 . Prior versions do not have the Auto-Update feature. With that said, you should see the following dialog when you launch SIF-less now:

You’re gonna want to click “Yes”

After clicking “Yes” you’re greeted with the update dialog. Click the “Check for Updates” button to download the remote manifest file.

You didn’t Miss them, per se…

Check the two boxes like so:

You may have to click twice. Sorry about Windows UI Dev
This is what it SHOULD look like.

And then click on the “Fix Selected” button. This will download the associated configs, allowing you to now create a new Sitecore Profile on the 9.1 Update 1 version.

And then add profile

It’s off to the races after that. If your experience didn’t flow like above, how about you drop a comment and let me know. Would appreciate it šŸ™‚

Note: You’ll need to install SIF 2.1. It’s pretty easy to do so via the following command

 Update-Module SitecoreInstallFramework