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One of the biggest feedbacks from SIF-less’s release was that while the validation checks in the Test Window were nice, there were some instances where the validation would pass, but the install would still fail.  This release closes some of those gaps and adds in a few more tests to ensure you have a higher chance of success.

The following checks have been added:

  • In addition to checking the base Solr URL, SIF-less will hit Solr to ensure the endpoint API actually exists (rather than a blanket 200 response) and it can pull the version info from it. It also checks that at least version 6.6.2 is running.  6.6.1 is officially recommended by Sitecore, but there’s a nasty core-lock bug in there can/will ruin your day.
  • SIF-less validated that your Solr folder was a real folder. This is important, but it didn’t check for a configsets folder, which SIF needs for an install.  This has been added.
  • SIF-less now checks that Powershell 5.1+ is installed.
  • SIF-less also checks that WebDeploy 3+ is installed.
  • SIF-less checks that SIF and SIF Fundamentals are installed. This app is called “SIF-less” not “SIF-free” 😉

As always, you can grab the source code here and fork your heart out. You can also head right to the download page here.  Got any suggestions?  Drop a note on Twitter (@RAhnemann) or comment here.

The see us rollin’. Testin’.