Raise your hand if you’ve used Sitecore’s WFFM tool. Now keep your hand up if you loved it.  I’m not saying anything.

Good news if you weren’t a fan.  In the latest version of Sitecore, the WFFM tool (I think it’s called just Forms) has undergone a massive overhaul.  There’s actually a component on the Launchpad for it!

Once you click on that, you’ll see a new tool in the editor.  This is a nice drag-and-drop-style interface which is pretty intuitive to use.  Here’s a few quick screen grabs:

An Empty Form in Designer Mode


A list of simple form elements

Forms lists are easy to use

Datasourcing to somewhere in the Content Tree is simple and intuitive now

Pages, Sections and a Submit button. Did anyone order multi-stage/step forms?

Save Actions are intuitively nested under the submit button

All the building and order is done via drag and drop. It’s super simple. Even I can do it.

Once your form is built, you can see it (and edit it) directly in the content tree. Everything is hierarchical.

Those are just a few of the screens from the Forms tool.  To set this on a page, you simply insert a MVC Form Rendering and set the Form from the Rendering Parameters.  Pretty familiar territory here.

PS: In order to get your form to render, make sure you include the following HTML Snip:


[ls_content_block slug=”nineonninefooter”]